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Established in 1986, Gateway has considerable experience in training and assessment that meets international standards. The organization has the distinction of producing educational programmes that have been certified or endorsed by leading training providers in the UK. Gateway also carries out specialized programmes in association with strategic partners in the UK. Some of these educational programmes are currently being used in countries such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. In Sri Lanka, Gateway has one of the largest branch networks with 33 centres spread across the country.

Over the years, Gateway has built a reputation of being not only one of the largest educational organisations in Sri Lanka but also being one of the most trusted ones. The Group has recorded an unprecedented growth over the last decade under the Chairmanship of Mr. R.I.T. Alles, a former State Secretary of Education in Sri Lanka. The organisation is very much committed to developing standards of education at all levels. To meet this end, in our own organisations we invest heavily on teacher training for our permanent cadre exceeding 600 teachers. Our total staff strength exceeds 800.

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